Holiday Travel is a Nightmare Packing tips so you don't have to be!

Holiday Travel is a Nightmare: Packing tips so you don't have to be!

If you’re like me you have a million things to do during the holidays, including travel. That’s why I like to go in with a plan when it comes to packing for the holidays — it helps minimize stress and ensures that I arrive at my destination with everything I need. I like to bring essentials, carefully selected outfits, functional items (to keep me sane), and, of course, gifts. Here’s what goes in my suitcase during this special time of the year:


Core Essentials 

Since it’s cold during this time of year, I make sure to have the right items to bundle up in the chilly outdoors. I love to bring a Maison Michel hat with me that’s both stylish and warm, and wear it with a Gabriela Hearst scarf. Both items are made from extra cozy materials and feature notes of red which lets me pair them well together. I also make sure to bring my Illesteva sunglasses to protect my eyes on those bright, yet cold winter days. To make sure I get a good night of sleep I love to put on warm pajamas by Olivia von Halle.


Brunch and Evening outfits

I love to pack outfits that transition easily from day to night – something you can wear one way to brunch then dress up for the evening. My Anine Bing camisole is always in heavy rotation, I can wear it during the day with a cardigan then in the evening I pair it with a more festive YSL blouse to wear to a holiday event or dinner. Another favorite of mine during the holidays are my Vanessa Bruno corduroy pants which come in a rich burgundy color and can easily go from lunch to cocktails. 



Since I don’t have my whole wardrobe at my disposal, I try to pack a few statement accessories that can easily turn up the festive glam. I have two go-to jewelry brands, the first is Paige Novick, a dear friend, who makes stunning earrings, rings, and cuffs with the perfect amount of bling, and a wide variety of colorful stones. Another brand I adore is Ranjana Khan who makes bold statement earrings that will get you tons of compliments no matter where you wear them. 



By now you probably know how passionate I am about presents — I wouldn’t have launched Gift Me Chic without my love for considerate gift-giving. Dose Candles makes a really great candle called The OVERDOSE which features the sweet, luxurious muskiness of sandalwood, combined with the earthy smokiness of nagarmotha wood. It’s the perfect scent-sual indulgence during the wintertime. 



The holidays can be the best of times but, let’s be honest, they can also do a number on your well-being and sense of balance. Even more so when traveling during the busiest time of the year. To ensure a sense of calm as early as when I board the flight, I like to use noise-canceling Airpods to help me get restful sleep no matter how loud the plane ride is. Once I arrive I like to work out to energize my body and fight jet-lag. I always make sure to pack a pair of sneakers so that I can jump on the elliptical or take a class. We all love to indulge during the holidays so this helps to not feel as guilty! 


Host Gift

Whether you’re going to a dinner party or staying in someone else’s home for the holidays, a thoughtful gift is an absolute must. One of my favorite things to bring is Fete Home Bud Box, a beautiful décor item that can be used for storage or simply to adorn your home.


TSA-Approved Beauty and Makeup

Airports are a nightmare during the holidays, that’s why I make sure to minimize any negative TSA situations by carefully selecting TSA-approved beauty products and makeup with me. Anyone who’s ever seen one of their expensive beauty products tossed knows the pain of seeing it go in the trash. I keep a stash of travel-friendly sized bottles on hand or will fill some of my favorite products into smaller containers for the road. It's a pain in the you know what, but totally worth it in the long run!

With a little planning and the right items, holiday travel can be enjoyable not stressful!

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