Launching with Love for the Holidays

Launching with Love for the Holidays


The launch of this e-commerce platform is the first step of an exciting journey. I’m so thrilled that you are joining me! 

Gift Me Chic is dedicated to considerate gift-giving. To launch, I’ve turned to some of my friends, along with making some new friends, who’ve already taken the courageous leap of starting their own brands. I’m grateful to have their trust and confidence in my concept, as I have a deep respect and love for what each of them have created. So this holiday, I am pleased to introduce you, your family and friends, to my own beloved group.

I hope you enjoy discovering all of the unique, personal gifting possibilities as much as I have enjoyed curating them for you.


The First 12: How I discovered these brands!


When Kilian Hennessy walked into my office at Bergdorf Goodman in 2007 to present his collection of six perfumes, I instinctively knew that his brand would cause a sensation. Kilian’s scents represented an unparalleled level of luxury, quality, beauty, and passion. We launched it exclusively at BG and business took off. I followed this instinct to begin working with Kilian shortly thereafter, and a few years later, our personal love story also took shape. Now as my husband and #1 supporter, Kilian was obviously the first brand to join Gift Me Chic. His newest scent, “Rolling in Love” is meant for both women and men, and sends a beautiful message to that special person in your life.



The Maison & Objet luxury tradeshow in Paris is one of my favorite times of the year. This past January, as I was beginning my search for Gift Me Chic, I headed over to Assouline, my favorite coffee table book publishing house. I had the pleasure of meeting Alex Assouline, VP and son of the founders, who instantly recognized a genuine connection between our two brands and became an early adopter of my concept. Although there are so many gorgeous Assouline titles to choose from, one of their latest, “Interview Magazine: 50 years”, specifically captured my attention. It immediately immerses you into the pages of Andy Warhol’s uber-cool magazine and takes you through 50 years of pop culture. Whether for your avid-art collector friend or that cool guy around town, this neon hardcover looks super stylish on anyone’s bookshelf. 



I was introduced to Fleur du Mal’s founder, Jennifer Zuccarini, through a mutual friend. This friend set up a lunch for us to meet and, midway through, she got a call from her psychic who said, “I don’t know what you are doing right now, but you are surrounded by goddesses!” From that moment on, the friendship was born and Fleur du Mal quickly became my go-to lingerie brand. Perfect for the holiday season or, frankly, any day of the year, this stunning and festive kimono puts a smile on my face and will do the same for whoever it is bought for, maybe even a gift for oneself? This is an item that is worth that holiday shopping “oops”!



When my friend and Parisian restaurant owner, Ramon Mac-Crohon, told me he was planning on bringing his Maison de la Truffe truffle products to the U.S., I was the first in line to get involved. With two restaurants in Paris and nowhere else in the world, Maison de la Truffe is the legendary place to enjoy truffles and truffle products. I am so proud to be the first retail outlet to carry Maison de la Truffe’s products outside of France, starting with this uber-luxe truffle gift set, EXCLUSIVE for the holidays. A perfect gift for that food-lover or Francophile in your life, or both! Limited quantities available so snag one now before they’re gone!



Meeting friends through friends is one of my favorite ways of getting to know new people, and I especially appreciate the comfort of those “six degrees of separation”. In comes Claudia Ravn, the tall, blond and gorgeous Norwegian founder of luxury handbag brand, Maison Ravn. Combining Parisian chic and Norwegian tradition, each bag that Claudia designs are one-of-a-kind and 100 percent unique. I specifically chose this handcrafted black snakeskin bag, EXCLUSIVE to Gift Me Chic, for its perfect size and versatility of colors that can go with any outfit, from day to night. Once purchased, the atelier in Paris can also embroider one’s initials inside the bag’s flap, making it beautifully customized, a finishing touch that I personally love.



When my ‘in the know’ gallery friend gifted me Studio Drift’s “Dandelight” a few years back, I was obsessed. I learned that this uber-cool Dutch design team actually picks real dandelions, dries them and carefully removes the wispy seeds from their heads. They then reconstruct the dandelion, but this time they hand-glue the dandelion seeds, one by one, into a copper head fitted with a tiny LED light, creating the “Dandelight”. Gift Me Chic is EXCLUSIVELY selling this incredible object in the U.S. and quantities are extremely limited so think of that design-lover in your life before it’s too late!



Ranjana is one of those women that you just want to know. When I met her in NYC, I was already a huge fan of her feminine yet bold statement earrings, wearing them for every occasion possible. It was a no-brainer to ask Ranjana, or Ranj as we call her, to be included in the launch of Gift Me Chic. Being a lover of the color bordeaux, in case you haven’t noticed (!), this pair spoke to me immediately and, for that big earring lover in your life, will be their winter wardrobe staple.       



I met Maria almost 15 years ago when she came to Saks to present her new home fragrance collection. I immediately fell in love with the brand and became fast friends with the Greece/Seattle native. Both our lives moved forward yet we stayed in touch over the years, keeping each other abreast of both our personal lives and continued professional goals. While Maria continued on with fragrance, she simultaneously created a fine jewelry collection, which gave us the perfect opportunity to work together again through the launch of Gift Me Chic. I chose these two precious necklaces, sold separately because I love the way they layer together and shine on your décolleté. Together or separate, they make an incredibly special gift that can be passed down from generation to generation.



I have a love/hate relationship with social media but finding Mr.P’s place cards on Instagram, turned any of those negative feelings upside down. Maybe it was clever marketing on their part, but the brand caught my attention immediately and I thought to myself, I need this! I DMed the founders, Martin Cooper and Karen Suen-Cooper, we met for tea and quickly formed both a wonderful working relationship and friendship. We put together this “Coronet Nouveau” gift-set of place cards and corresponding gold holders, EXCLUSIVE to Gift Me Chic, and my favorite part is that they can be customized with your guest’s names on each card. They make the perfect hostess gift or buy them for yourself for your next dinner party, you’ll thank me and your guests will love them, I promise!



Who doesn’t need a dose of calm during the holiday season? I know I do! This “Feu de Bois” candle in the Overdose version is the perfect gesture for those looking for a little relief. The gold holder adds a perfect touch of shine in any décor and the woodsy blend makes any environment smell warm and inviting. With a deep appreciation for self-care, founders Lisa Merkatz and Jenise Wilson, have given is the perfect excuse to light up and chill out.    



Around this time last year, my friend called me and said, “I’m working with this beautiful new home accessories brand and we’d love you to be an ambassador!” Flattered by the offer and trusting my friend, I gladly accepted while genuinely falling in love with the array of products from Fete home, founded by interior design experts, Jennifer Potter and Audrey Margarite. What I love about the Bud Box, in particular, is that it’s beautiful and functional, while also being delicate and strong at the same time. It’s a thoughtful gesture when you want to say ‘thank you’ or ‘thinking of you’ in more than just words. 



There are so many great brands hailing from Scandinavia but it can be difficult to connect with them without traveling there or having friends point you in the right direction. Luckily for me, a dear Norwegian friend keeps sending them my way, the latest of which being super cool stationery brand, Cardsome, EXCLUSIVE to Gift Me Chic. The founders, Lin Stromsheim and Pernille Will Vage, have infused witty, sexy and sincere sentiments into each card and item they create. This holiday giftset includes six variations of cards, my favorite being “Dear Santa I can explain”, because who doesn’t have some explaining to do by December?! 

*Limited quantities available

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