Costa Brazil Óleo Para A Face

Kaya anti-aging face oil promotes firming and soothes skin. The fast-absorbing, lightweight formula includes powerful antioxidants that help boost radiance and hydration. No fragrances added, suitable for all skin types.

What makes this gift chic? This Brazilian rainforest beauty elixir is powered by nature to enhance your skin’s healthy glow.

How to Use: Apply daily to your face, neck and chest. Place 1-3 drops into palms and pat gently onto cleansed skin. For best results, use morning and evening. Mix with your moisturizer or foundation for increased luminosity.

Costa Brazil products are sustainably sourced, environmentally responsible, vegan, no animal testing, free of parabens, phthalates, pegs, silicones, sulfates, gluten, glycols, mineral oil and artificial colorants, dermatologist tested.


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