Exclusive Bespoke Crystal Prescription

A Bespoke One - on - One Experience where an individual will have the opportunity to choose a crystal that speaks to them. Paige will walk him/her through how to “program” it with intention and then lead the individual through the various ways to own his/her power. She will discuss how crystals can serve as our assistants, helping us to manifest and transform. Paige will conclude with a guided and customized chakra balancing meditation, visualizing ribbons of crystal ribbons cleansing, healing and strengthening our different energy centers in order to replace negative beliefs with positive ones.

What are crystals and where do they come from?
How are they used in everyday life?
How we can use crystals to work for us
How to program your crystals
The 7 different Chakras/energy centers + their coordinating crystals

90 Minute Session


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