PPT 2 GO: THE MAGIC SEVEN (Chakra Balancing)

A little of everything...! Crystals are natural solids made from minerals that have been formed in the earth's surface. Medicine people around the world have worked them with for thousands of years for their physical, magical and healing properties. Crystals channel energy that can be focused to heal and energize. Since choosing the right healing crystals for you can be an overwhelming task, we've simplified the process by curating assortments, which we call PPT 2 GO. Whichever grouping leaps out at you is the right choice – and if it is not a hell yes, it’s a hell no!

The Magic Seven (Chakra Balancing) Pouch Includes:
Red Jasper: Enhances passion and vitality
Carnelian: Promotes connectivity and creativity 
Citrine: Increases personal power and physical center 
Malachite: Magnifies trust and love 
Angelite: Strengthens communication
Lapis: Intensifies the mind, dreams and psychic ability
Amethyst: Elevates spirituality and the imaginations

Collection: PPT 2 GO
Please note some stones may come with inclusions Use: Get to know your crystals by holding them in your hands, set an intention and meditate with them or carry the pouches in your handbag. You can even keep your crystals near you at home or on your desk at work. However you choose to honor them, your crystals will work for you if you let them. Remember, the power of healing comes from within, so make it about you!

Care: To clean your crystals just rinse under cool tap water

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