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Shelsky's of Brooklyn Brunch Package

GiftMeChic is excited to offer this exclusive “Brunch Package” from Shelsky's of Brooklyn. Dazzle your family and friends without ever leaving the comforts of your house with this beautiful and delicious gift. Serving 2-4 guests and delivered to your front door, the smell of hand-cut Salmon and freshly baked bagels will surely wake up even the heaviest of sleepers.

The gift box includes;

Scottish smoked salmon – This salmon is firm yet silky, and has a mild smoke with a clean salmon finish. Perfectly balanced. 1/2lb

Kippered Salmon Tranche – This salmon is hot smoked over a proprietary blend of hard and fruitwoods. It’s served as a cross-section of a full fillet with the belly attached rendering it quite luscious and rich.1/2lb

Gravlax – The gravlax is cured in-house using pristine Scottish salmon. It’s first bathed in aquavit and lemon juice then cured gently for 3 days with fresh dill. Great on a bagel, excellent as an hors d’oeuvre on a cracker, perfect with a salad.1/2lb

Smoked Whitefish Salad – The whitefish salad is made with smoked whitefish, wild-caught in Lake Michigan. It’s a smoky spread with a clean finish and a nice crisp of celery and cucumber 1/2lb

Smoked Bluefish Salad – Line-Caught Rhode Island Bluefish, smoked over hardwood. It’s got a campfire-y smoke to it that is balanced out by supremes of oranges, roasted hazelnuts, and fennel. 1/2lb

Plain cream cheese – We double-whip our cream cheese, but it’s the attention to detail that makes our cream cheese special. 1/2lb

Cucumber salad – A traditional appetizing palate cleanser, this traditional cucumber salad is a refreshing foil to all the richness of your brunch. 1/2lb

Two Roll Mops with Pickled Onions – house-pickled herring fillets, gently pounded and wrapped around a mess of pickled onions.

Eight Assorted Bagels – An assortment of Shelsky’s Brooklyn Bagels, critically acclaimed traditional kettle-boiled bagels. Dense and chewy, these sourdough bagels are New York’s bagels at their very finest.


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