Créme de la Créme Caviar Package

From great restaurants to excellent cheese shops and other specialty food shops, Brooklyn is a foodie paradise. What has been missing though, is the appetizing shop and the delicatessen. Speaking to people around the brownstone Brooklyn, it became clear that like us, they were hankering for this food or yore, but they were sick of having to schlep to Manhattan to get it. So, we are excited to introduce Shelsky’s Of Brooklyn - Appetizing and Delicatessen, to Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Shop this exclusive Gift Me Chic Caviar Package we have put together just for you! We hope you enjoy!

(Serves 2 to 4 people)

Two Ounces of Golden Osetra Caviar  - These medium to large golden orbs are firm with a nutty palate and an extravagantly buttery finish.  A caviar connoisseur’s dream!

 Pack of 16 Blinis – Perfect little soft blinis to serve as a platform to let your caviar shine.

Eight Ounces of Crème Fraiche – A classic accompaniment in caviar service, this rich, gently soured cream only adds to the luxurious experience with every bite.

Eggs Mimosa – Locally-raised eggs, hard-cooked, yolks and whites sieved separately to add some color to your caviar experience

Manicured Shallots – French shallots hand-cut into a brunoise add a little texture to each bite of caviar.  A traditional and elegant accompaniment

Mother of Pearl Spoon – Mother of pearl is the traditional spoon to use to serve your caviar. 

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