Red Wines for Fall

David has a passion for wine. During his 25 year career as a successful still life fashion photographer, he avidly collected wine on the side and found himself diving deeper and deeper into its world. He finally decided to switch gears and pursue this other passion as a new chapter of his career. He became certified and quickly advanced to run the wine programs for two James Beard Award winning chefs, for Sean Brock at Husk in Charleston and for Missy Robbins at Lilia in Brooklyn. David is now a freelance wine consultant and educator located in New York City.

This exclusive 60 minute experience includes 3 stunning red wines from around the world to pair with your favorite fall fare. David will custom select 3 reds to be sent to you & then hold a personal virtual tasting of them with you, where he’ll explore & explain the varietals, the regions they are from & what makes them the perfect match for drinking with your socially distanced friends & your favorite fall dishes.

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