Alexandra Von Furstenberg Rockwell Backgammon

Beautifully made out of the highest grade solid acrylic, the Rockwell Backgammon Set is like no other. It's been handcrafted here in the USA, by skilled artisans that know how to make luxurious acrylic. Every edge, corner and face is finished. The sides have been constructed out of 1" solid thick acrylic and carved out to fit your Backgammon checkers and die. It's such a beautiful piece and work of art, that you can simply just sit it out on display to admire.

Protective liners are required to protect the backgammon set from scratching and damaging the surface of the backgammon board. Additional protective liner sets can be ordered if you would like more. If you would like to order just a set of liners, please email us at and ask for the Rockwell Backgammon Liners.

21"w x 15"d x 1.25"H:  $1,100


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