The Maison Ravn Collection

Maison Ravn Launches Handbags in US Exclusively with Gift Me Chic

More and more often I am finding myself seeking styles that fit me personally, something I can even customize so its uniquely mine. It was in one of these moments of reflection that I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with Claudio Ravnbo the founder and designer of the handbag brand Maison Ravn. We quickly realized we were two businesswomen who understand and appreciate design, quality, and creativity. This led to a conversation about our brands and how we could work together more closely. Welcome to the exclusive collection of Maison Ravn on Gift Me Chic!

Don't miss our feature story, Maison Ravn Founder Claudia Ravnbo Talks Inspiration and Handbags. You'll learn more about the brand and how you can design your own bag with Claudia herself. And if you're interested in doing just that, simply send us an email to